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NOW, available with Photoelectric IR sensors on any dispenser!

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Affix all types of Pressure Sensitive Labels


without complex expensive equipment!

3 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor!

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After years of testing and research, the ORIGINAL Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers will now offer an Photoelectric sensor on all dispenser models! This new option will set the new standard in the industry. Our heavy duty industrial machines have been offered with only Honeywell Micro switch's. Until NOW! We have found a sensor that will stand the test of heavy-duty operating conditions, all kinds of lighting conditions, clear labels, or whatever you can throw in front of our new sensor, it will be detected! Our new double pivot design, and NAME-BRAND SENSOR combination can be positioned for even the smallest of labels as well as long labels on the same machine, in seconds, without tools! This new design will also detect clear labels, no need to buy a "special clear label option"

(soon to be copied by our competition like everything else we design)

A Complete Selection of Semi-Automatic Label Dispensers and Manual Label Dispensers To Handle Pressure Sensitive Labels from small jobs to LARGE Mailings! We have been manufacturing LABEL DISPENSERS for over 30 years, the first semi-automatic dispenser on the market!  Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers will provide you with years of trouble free service.  Our machines are made from quality materials, and built in the USA, and made for HEAVY DUTY operating conditions! The Photo interrupter contains an onboard IC which sends a precision pulse into the Infrared emitting diode, in varying wavelength. This signal is received by a silicon photo diode and bipolar IC signal processing circuit which processes the incoming light. If the incoming light matches the outgoing signal an object is present, therefore there are no false triggers, or non-triggers!

ALL Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers dispense @ 4" per second OR MORE!

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Nova Scotia, CN Distribution: Precision Datalabel

Another Dispensa-Matic original design!

Label bags, envelopes, CD/DVD cases, PCBs, anything flat to 1/4" thick fast and accurately @ Speeds of 1200 Pcs. per hour!

Click HERE for more information. Patent Pending.

NEW! "Flex+Matic" Bag, envelope, and flat labeler!

Bag Labeler

16" width Cylinder / Bottle labeler / label applicator. Label any cylindrical object fast and accurately from .5" to 10" dia. @ Speeds of 1200 Pcs. per hour!

Click HERE for more information. Patent Pending.

The ORIGINAL "Bottle-Matic"

Bottle-Cylinder labeler

NEW! U-25 2.5"Available with Photoelectric IR Sensor or Microswitch!

Label dispenser with power advance for roll labels from 3/8" to 2.5" widths. Same durability as the U-45 but for smaller labels, and a smaller footprint. 5" per second advance, faster than our competition!

Dispensa-Matic "16-II" "10-II" "6-II" :Label Dispensers With Power Advance for LARGE ROLL LABELS and Computer Print-Out Forms - One to five wide. (6" per second)

"Dispensa-Matic II"Available with Photoelectric IR Sensor or Microswitch!

DM-II Label Dispenser

Available with Photoelectric IR Sensor or Microswitch!

Dispensa-Matic U-45, and U-45-HS (High Speed): Label Dispensers with Power Advance for One-Up Computer Forms or Printed Labels In Rolls 3/8" to 4 1/2" wide. Online $594 ($614 HS) Plus $15 Shipping. Standard U-45 (5" per second) High-Speed (9" per second!)

Dispensa-Matic U-60: Label Dispenser with Power Advance for Larger Labels in Rolls (Up to 6"wide) Online $664 Plus $15 Shipping. (7" per second)

Available with Photoelectric IR Sensor or Microswitch!

Selecta-Matic D-5: Label Dispensers with Power Advance for Pre-Sort Labels or Printed roll Labels (butt cut or die cut), up to 5 1/2" Diameter. ONLINE $429 plus $10 Shipping.

Simple Simon: Up to 6-3/4" Width Manually Operated, Precision Made Metal Label Dispenser for all Types of Roll Labels! Mylar, foil, HOLOGRAPHIC, Clear Plastic, NO PROBLEM!. Online $65 to $75  plus $5 Shipping. Click here to go to order page!

LDM: A Full Line of Pull Tab Machines, Just Pull the Tab to Dispense a Label.  From $39-$72. Click here for ordering. (NOT MADE IN USA!)





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